French international footballer accused of defecating in party-goers mouths

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French investigative journalist Romain Molina has been making some pretty wild allegations about footballers from around the world.

Molina is renowned for providing insight into the lesser-known details of football, the details that we’d rather not know, in truth.

In this case, he’s been investigating close to home with the French national team, and one of the allegations made against an unidentified international is truly disgusting.

Allegedly, this player hosted a party during which he defecated in the mouths of multiple attendees. We wish we were joking…

As previously stated, there’s no name given, so it’d be inappropriate to speculate as to who the offender is.

In truth, we’d rather now know and would’ve preferred not to have read any of this over breakfast this morning.

We dread to think what goes on behind the scenes in football and is swept under the rug in defence of the players.

Surely it can’t get any more disgusting than this?