France DEMANDS FIFA to overturn defeat

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Despite finishing at the top of their group the French Football Federation has demanded that FIFA overturn their loss to Tunisia.

After making several changes to their first team, France surprisingly lost 1-0 to Tunisia last night. This was their first loss in the tournament so far and one which they don’t agree with.

Antoine Griezmann scored with a volley in the dying minutes of added time and looked seemed to have snatched a draw from the jaws of defeat. But after a long VAR review, the goal was subsequently chalked off for an offside.

But before the goal was overturned play continued, Tunisia kicked off and then the referee even blew the final whistle. It was only after the game had ended that the offside was noticed and the goal was ruled out.

The referees are allowed to overturn goals after the final whistle but can’t do so if play is restarted after a stoppage.

The French Football Federation released a statement after the game, indicating their frustration and intention to appeal the decision.

“We are writing a complaint after Antoine Griezmann’s goal was, in our opinion, wrongly disallowed. This complaint has to be filed within 24 hours after the final whistle,” the French Football Federation (FFF) said in a statement.

If France got their way and the goal was given, then their 1-1 draw would not change any of the group standings.

They would still finish first and Australia second.

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