Former NFL Star Doug Flutie on Playing With Tom Brady & Who Resembles him the Most in the NFL

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Tom Brady will go down as one of the best athletes we have ever seen, he is right up there with Messi, Ronaldo, Woods,  Jordan etc… When it comes to being an expert in perfecting his craft. Former All Star Quarterback Doug Flutie was asked to compare himself to a current-day quarterback and he gave an interesting answer in an interview with Betway.

The obvious comparison would be Kyler Murray, who, at 5ft 10in, most resembles Flutie in a physical sense.

But the 21-year NFL and CFL veteran chooses instead to focus on the aspect of his game that sometimes got buried under all the questions about his height: his athleticism.

“I love watching Patrick Mahomes, because he validates all the stuff that I tried to do,” says Flutie.

“I was a shortstop in baseball, so I threw side-arm passes, jump passes. Just get the ball to the receiver however you can.

“But the thing that he does, that I did exceptionally well in Canada and transferred somewhat to the NFL, was when they’d overload blitz you. Everybody’s been coached all their life to get rid of the ball, but what Patrick Mahomes can do, because he’s so darn athletic, is drift and give ground.

“He can buy that extra second, second-and-a-half, not scrambling, but drifting away from the rusher coming at him, and still throw a corner route, still throw a post route, still throw a go route.”

“Being able to still throw the ball up the field, even though there’s an unblocked guy coming at you, it creates so many issues for a defense.”

“I love anybody that is a little bit unorthodox, anybody that doesn’t fit the mould,” he says.

“I get very excited about the athletic guys that can do things that throw a wrench into the defensive system.”

He got to play alongside some of the all-time greats during his career, and there is one in particular he still looks out for.

“I get really excited about Tom Brady,” he says. “I played one year, my last season, with him in New England. And when he made the move to Tampa, I was really intrigued.

“Of course, he knew what he was doing. He went to a team with a great defense. He had weapons around them, he didn’t have to be the entire show, although he always is. And he goes somewhere to win the Super Bowl.

“So now, I’m just intrigued again. Can he do it again? They’re reloaded. They’ve got all these weapons. That’s pretty exciting for me to see what’s going on there.”

Unfortunately for Flutie, Brady didn’t win one of his seven Super Bowls during their season together in 2005, something he readily admits was on his mind.

“It’s amazing to think that Tom had already won two Super Bowls,” he says. “Tom was one of the reasons I went to New England. It was home, but I’m thinking ‘I’ve got a shot here. Tom will win me a Super Bowl.’ He was already that guy.”

“But we got beat out in Denver. A guy dropped a punt that never fumbles a punt his life, and Tom actually threw a pick down on the goal line that gets returned 99 yards. Stuff that never happened to the Patriots happened in that game.

“I went to New England thinking get the pompoms out, cheerlead for Tom and have him win a Super Bowl ring before I retired. That’s what I was hoping for.

“But it’s amazing to think back in ’05 that Tom Brady was already a legend.”

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