Former Arsenal legend Was Shocked & Enraged at the Racism Abuse – ‘The worst I’ve seen for some years’

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The sad thing is, you just knew what was coming when the three players missed their penalties for England, Michael Thomas, told CaughtOffside.

“This is and will always be an ongoing problem until it is dealt with in the wider society,” former Gunners star

“Football is but a small part of what goes on day to day. So to think it can be eradicated just from football is a crazy belief. This is probably the worst I’ve seen for some years but I am not sure if that’s just down to how easy it is to publicise on social media.

“During my time it was very much the same and the scenes after the game brought back a lot of memories. Society needs to deal with the issue.

“People are not educated and that’s sad to say in the year 2021. That or they do understand and choose to be a problem regardless. I constantly see the country pointing out other countries and how bad it is there but that is a wider issue and there is still no excuse why we can’t do anything about our immediate population.

“When the people at the top of society don’t care then the rest will take that as an excuse to do as they please. Sanctions need to be made.

“We have sanctions for everything else that causes a problem but not here with racism. For example knife crime is a real issue in our society and there are measures in place to deal with this e.g. judicial system.

“The judicial system does not deal with racism in the same light which means it becomes appropriated for those little minded people. The energy the world had for the ‘Super League’ is the same energy we need to take a step towards minimising the racial discrimination.

“The players that missed gave their all for their country and deserved praise and support but instead got something that they expected which is really sad.”

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