Model pulls down shorts and flashes bum to football crowd after £23k dare from fan

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A model who yanked down her shorts and bared her bum to an entire football stadium says she was dared to by a fan.

Influencer Daniella Motta, aka danimotta___ on Instagram, claims that she only did the act because she was offered $30,000 (£23,777).

After hearing how much they were willing to offer, the 21-year-old stripped off during Avai FC’s 4-2 win over Tombence at the Estádio da Ressacada stadium in Brazil on Saturday (August 19).

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Daniella Motta flashed her butt but claims she was paid by fans

The content creator, who has more than 165K followers online, was filmed flashing her behind as a cameraman took the money shots by a fan watching on from behind.

She then shared photos from the incident on her social media account – and quickly raked in thousands of likes.

She claims that a fan offered her $30,000

Fair play to her, more of this please..

She claims fans dare her to do all sorts of things


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