Why the International window is a disaster for all concerned..

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Apart for the Major International tournaments like the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA European Championships, which happen every four years. I do not know one person that actually enjoys the two week international break that occurs every few months in the middle of the club season calendar.

It’s hard to ignore the growing sentiment that this break in the regular football season often turns out to be more of a snooze-fest than a thrilling spectacle. One of the main gripes with the international window is the disruption it causes to the flow of domestic leagues and in the world of crypto betting sites.

Just as teams are hitting their stride and building momentum, the abrupt pause for international fixtures can be a momentum killer. Fans are left with a void, eagerly awaiting the return of their beloved club football, only to be greeted with a series of often lackluster international matches.

Moreover, the frequency of International breaks seems to be on the rise, with qualification rounds, friendly matches, and tournaments like the UEFA Nations League filling the calendar. This constant interruption not only tests the patience of fans but also places an added physical burden on players who have to navigate a more congested schedule.

The quality of play during international breaks is another concern. While the notion of witnessing the world’s best players represent their countries is exciting in theory, the reality often falls short. Teams, forced to integrate players from various clubs and leagues, often lack the cohesion and chemistry seen in their domestic counterparts. Consequently, matches become a battle of attrition rather than a showcase of skill and strategy.

England drew with North Macedonia on Monday evening and forgive me but I don’t think some of the England matches catch the same attention as say Liverpool vs Manchester United, Arsenal vs Chelsea, Celtic v Ranger etc..

Critics argue that the international break could be better managed. Perhaps reducing the frequency of breaks, implementing more meaningful competitions, or scheduling matches in a way that minimizes disruption to domestic leagues could address some of the concerns.

Additionally, exploring innovative formats or introducing more incentives for teams to field their strongest line-ups might inject more excitement into international fixtures. The international widow has been a problem for a long, long time. Thankful for us football fans that is the last one until March 2024.

It’s just amazing how everyone loves the big tournaments and hates the International breaks. How can we solve this problem?

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