🚨 Footage of Jake Paul’s next opponent in training has dropped, everyone is saying the same thing

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Jake Paul takes on Ryan Bourland on March 2nd.

Paul is looking to drop the influencer boxing tag and work his way up in the professional sport.

His next opponent brings a record of (17-2) but has been inactive with only one fight in six year.

And now new footage of Bourland in training has dropped.

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You can watch the video below:

It’s safe to say the footage hasn’t exactly made fight fans believe he has any chance against the YouTuber-come-boxer.

One said: ‘Another RD1 KO for Jake.’

Another added: ‘Bros gonna die – Jake Paul continued to take steps backward in competition level.’

A third commented: ‘Looks like a cab driver tbh.’

A fourth replied: ‘Jake be fighting everyone but an actual active boxer.’

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