Footage of Conor McGregor ‘squaring up’ to an Alligator is hilarious

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A clip in his new Netflix documentary, McGregor Forever, shows the Irishman facing-off against the Alligator.

The former UFC double-champ flexes in-front of the Alligator and says, ‘I’m in control of that thing.’

You can watch the video below:

Fans responded to the brilliant clip:

One said, ‘The best part of the new Conor McGregor documentary is him being 100% confident that an alligator is scared of him.’

Another added, ‘McGregor squaring up to an alligator is exactly what I expected from this documentary.’

A third commented, ‘McGregor flexing at the alligator.’

Well, truly this is the face-off we just never expected to see.


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