Phil Foden goes NUTS as missus looks through his phone during visit to swanky beach club

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Phil Foden reportedly had a blazing row with his missus at a beach club after she looked at his phone without prior permission.

Foden has frequently landed himself in hot water with his other half as a consequence of his tomfoolery. It’s no great surprise that she doesn’t trust him as far as she could throw him.

That distrust came to the fore once again as the pair attended a swanky beach club in Corfu, or so is claimed by a report published by The Sun.

As per the report, Foden’s missus was caught looking at his phone, something the Manchester City and England star was not best pleased to discover.

Phil Foden had a beach club bust-up with his Wag after she looked at his phoneShe told him: 'We can’t take you anywhere, this always happens' as a day out at the beach erupted in a blazing rowRebecca Cooke yelled: 'Do you think I’m a d***head?' before they left the Corfu resort

She is understood to have screamed, “Do you think I’m a d*** head?” in Foden’s direction before the pair erupted into a sweary, nasty war of words.

She continued, “We can’t take you anywhere, this always happens.” The incident is understood to have been caught on video and subsequently leaked to The Sun.

Just exactly what Foden’s girlfriend found on his phone as he was enjoying a swim in the sea is unclear, but you could probably guess what she’s stumbled upon…

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