FLOWCHART: Which UFC 200 Fighter Should You Root For?

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With UFC 200 coming up this weekend, it’s time to make your allegiance known.

Contrary to popular belief, UFC matches aren’t only about brute strength (just ask Conor McGregor). They’re actually about brute strength and brute attitude—the kind of attitude that can only come from an overpowering desire to win.

But who should you root for? Could it be Jon Jones, who seems to be taking the long and DUI-studded road to victory? Or maybe you’re more of a Cain Velasquez fan, despite all his ups (when he’s down) and downs (when he’s up)? And that’s just the tip of the fightberg . . .

If you’re not talking trash in your sleep, it’s time to up your game. Follow this flowchart to determine which contenders deserve your supporting vote and which ones should suffer humiliating defeat.

Lucid Chart

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