🤯 Fighter that competed on UFC PPV event shares payslip online to show how much they really earn, it’s mind-blowing

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John Makdessi had shared his pay slip for his UFC 293 bout against Jamie Mullarkey and he clearly was not happy.

Makdessi fought Mullarkey on the preliminary card of UFC 293 in Sydney dropping a close decision in his lightweight contest – with all judges in agreement scoring the bout 29-28 in favour of Mullarkey.

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The Canadian posted his earnings and well it’s a lot lower than you’d think.

He revealed he made a gross show purse of $58,000.00.

But he only took home $28,461.65 after being taxed $26,100.00 – a 45 per cent foreign tax.

The pay slip also shows ‘medical’, ‘airfare’ and ‘others’ deductions.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), he wrote: “I sacrificed my whole life for this sport and put everything on the line. Damn Australian government and the judges robbed me pretty badly.”

He later deleted the post.

Thoughts on the pay? Pretty hefty deduction for fighting abroad. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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    1. You have to realize these fighters still have to pay for training coaches and a whole bunch of other stuff. Also they train for months in between fights which uses resources. I do think ufc fighters should get paid more than boxers though.

    2. This comment is a whole new level of stupid. It’s not 15 minutes in the arena it’s the months and years on the training ground leading up to it and the dedication not just by him but also his team that will also need a cut.

      The sport is high risk, time constrainted etc. Its not just 28000 for 15 minutes.

    3. Are you retarded? They train for months plus pay coaches,training partners, nutritionists etc etc.

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