🤯 Fighter escorted out of arena after being disqualified for what be did on boxing debut

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MMA fighter Marcin Sianos made his boxing debut against Artur Bizewski in Poland.

But during the fight he appeared to forget what rule set his was fighting under and landed a takedown with some brutal ground and pound.

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You can watch the clip below:

His unsportsmanlike behaviour led to a disqualification leaving the crowd furious and some attempted to storm the ring and throw objects before Sianos was escorted out of the arena for his safety.

Taking to Instagram he addressed the viral debut.

“I would like to refer to my fight yesterday.

“At the very beginning, I’d like to thank Artur Bizewski for the duel. At the same time, my deepest apologies for my unsportsmanliness in the ring… there is no explanation for this, it is reprehensible and I clearly deserved disqualification.

“Throughout the difficult preparation period, a similar situation has never occurred during any of the sparring matches. I didn’t knock anyone out or elbow anyone, we were training pure boxing.

“I myself can’t explain my behaviour yesterday. I guess I might not be in a professional boxing ring anymore. But I personally think that victory by disqualifying your opponent is not something to be proud of.

“I do not consider myself a loser, nor Artur Bizewski a winner. If PUB, Rocky Boxing Night and Artur Bizewski agree to resolve the duel again, then I declare that all my gambling, regardless of the result of the fight, I will spend it to the charity goal pointed out by my opponent!

“I wouldn’t like to be seen in a negative way, I’ve never experienced any similar behaviour in my entire 20 year career and I wouldn’t want this one off incident to affect my sportsmanship.

“Shout out to all my loyal supporters and thanks for all the positive and negative comments.”


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