(Video) Fighter urges opponent to throw more punches, gets knocked out straight after

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Joselito Velazquez knocked out Jose Soto on the undercard of Canelo Alvarez vs Dmitry Bivol in amusing circumstances.

Velazquez, who ought to fear very few fighters on the planet considering he spars Canelo throughout their respective training camps, took on 15-1 Jose Soto on Saturday night.

The undefeated Mexican stood toe-to-toe with Soto, with the pair exchanging blows and showing no intention of backing down.

Soto urged Velazquez on in an attempt to show him that his punches were not leaving any lasting damage and he could sustain the attacks launched at him.

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Unfortunately for Soto, straight after egging Velazquez on, he was caught on the chin with a vicious left hook and fell to the floor.

Soto did make the count, but the referee was not convinced that he could continue in the contest and the fight was subsequently waved off.

Perhaps he’ll think twice in future when asking his opponents to come and punch him in the face…