FIFA lift ban on rainbow colours after fan backlash

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Earlier today, FIFA announced they would be lifting the ban on all rainbow-coloured hats and flags within the stadium.

FIFA has received a lot of hate for their decision to deny entry to any supporter who has a rainbow-coloured flag or hat. FIFA suspended the wearing of the ‘One Love’ armband just hours before England’s game on Monday, sparking debate and fury among fans.

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This controversy was heightened before the Wales vs USA game when supporters were turned away because of their choice of attire. An American journalist covering the game described how he was detained by security because of his rainbow t-shirt.

This World Cup has been more about human rights than football itself, FIFA hasn’t helped its already eroded image.

Rainbow bucket hats were visible during Wales’ 2-0 loss to Iran earlier today and you can expect to see more LGBTQ-supporting clothing in England’s match tonight.

This isn’t the only backlash FIFA has received but it shows that the fans have power.

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