🚨FIFA annouce punishment for Emiliano Martinez for his celebrations at the World Cup final.

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FIFA have opened an investigation into Argentina’s World Cup final antics that caused uproar across the globe. 

The organisation have “opened proceedings” against the likes of Lionel Messi and Emi Martinez for potentially breaking FIFA’s disciplinary code.

Martinez was one player who faced significant backlash for his behaviour throughout the tournament and in the final match. He was arguably Argentina’s most important player after Messi and his heroics in the final led to his national team lifting the trophy for the third time in their history.

It was his tactics in the penalty shootout that led to France’s downfall and he was consequently awarded the Golden Glove award, which he celebrated by portraying a crude gesture on the world’s biggest stage.

During the celebrations, the Aston Villa ‘keeper was spotted making several jabs at Kylian Mbappe, who was the top goalscorer of the competition after netting a hat-trick on the final day.

FIFA confirm investigation

FIFA have issued a statement confirming their investigation, saying: “The FIFA Disciplinary Committee has opened proceedings against the Argentinian Football Association due to potential breaches of articles 11 (Offensive behaviour and violations of the principles of fair play) and 12 (Misconduct of players and officials) of the FIFA Disciplinary Code, as well as of article 44 of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Regulations in conjunction with the Media and Marketing Regulations for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, during the Argentina v. France FIFA World Cup final.”

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  1. So this is fake news. No punishment announced. Just an investigation. Omg I cannot stand reporting in the modern age.

    1. The Punishment should be on the Teams and players that teased the Argentine players saying things before the game and during the game. We should look at the events that made the players Mad!

  2. Yes the rude gestures by Emi Martinez is not tolerable. While going through the replay in the Argentina va Netherlands game, we’re the Dutch players not rude enough to be punished when in the melee they pushed 2 Argentine players. What was FIFA’s action against these Dutch players?

    1. Argentine player should be sent out for firing.a shot at the dutch bench during the match. Referee seems to be on Argentine side.

    2. Your just jealous of Netherlands you bitch pius adaikalam and Argentina Cheated becauseAccording to FIFA If substitutes run onto the pitch then the goal is supposed to be disallowed.

  3. Fukkkkk fifa Emi was just celebrating his World Cup victory… he did absolutely nothing wrong….congrats Emi you are awesome as fukkkkk 🤣

    1. Right on Dibu! He’s the best BEAST Goalkeeper EVER, for right now anyway. Haha. What a bunch of Nampie Pansies that can’t accept a little contention in the celebrations. Argentina rocks! Emil Martinez rocks beast mode!

      1. Declare the final a nonevent because the players didn’t observed the rules & regulations. Players entering the field while the match was in progress is illegal. No punishment was applied.

    1. Yes it is a punishment….. You are a fool… No arguntiyana win …. The cup is the tyophy that olly for France

  4. Why punishment. Good goalkeeper. Make this that time because happy to win . Every body make samting all players.good lucky Martinez

  5. Emiliano martinez isnt even a quarter of what Mbappe is.Scoring a hatrick in the world cup final isnt an easy feat.Emiliano is a good goalkeeper but without morals his just another pathetic goalkeeper

  6. This is absolutely a fabricated story. There is nothing like investigation amid the gesture depicted by Dibu on FIFA’s official page/website.

  7. I have to stop wasting my time reading news from this site. Your headlines are always not in tandem with your news. Where is the punishment in your news? Stupid website

  8. Im so fukn tired of these fake news. I keep reading this bs hoping just for ONCE the actually report what they advise on the headlines. What a waste of time!!

  9. The only thing Mbappe did was score two penalties and ONE skillful goal. All Mbappe has done in his life is:
    1: Be a Ninja Turtle
    2: Choose money over passion
    3: Score some goals in the farmers league
    4: Get carried to the world cup final and
    then score ONE goal and win 4-2
    5: Take 2 penalties in a world cup final and then score just ONE skillful goal.
    Emi Martinez on the other-hand has:
    1: Carried a above average team to the world cup final and win it
    2: Win the Golden Glove
    3: Cement himself as the best goalkeeper Argentina ever had.
    4: Have the most clean sheets at the World Cup (3, tied with morroccan goalkeeper who played just as many matches)

  10. If it was a European footballer doing such things no one would have raised a finger against them.

  11. And investigating what? What crime did Argentina commit? Winning the Cup ahead of a European country? Shame

  12. This is fake. Even if it is real look at Argentina they haven’t won a World Cup in 50 years! They’re just happy they finally broke the “curse”

  13. His rudeness? Whatever was the rude gesture is in your dirty minds. The guy was just celebrating. Take a photo of a player about to clean his nose and call that showing middle finger. He did well and deserves to celebrate

  14. Pathetic reporting. Pathetic publishing – couldn’t even spell-check the title which says “annouce” !!

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