Ferdinand Remembers the time Roy Keane ‘Clocked’ a teammate Clean into the face

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Rio Ferdinand was talking on his own channel and brand on Youtube Rio Ferdinand Presents FIVE and recalled the time Roy Keane once punched Chris Eagles in a training session.

“Roy just turned round and went bang in the jaw. A quick short jab and I just stood there and went, ‘Roy, what’s wrong with you?’.

“And I went inside and said, ‘Roy, why are you doing that for? He’s a young kid man.’ He said ‘I warned him: What are you grabbing my shirt for?’

“It was mad. The thing at United, it could just switch like that in training. All training grounds are the same, there’s a lot of testosterone flying about.”

Ferdinand also said that Keane was one of the best at United during rondo training exercises.

“I’ll who you wouldn’t realise who was unbelievable in the box: Roy Keane,” said Ferdinand.

“Unbelievable. He always argued that he wouldn’t have to go in.”

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