Ferdinand Not Happy with Chelsea for their ‘unfair’ treatment of Young Blue

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The former Manchester United, West Ham and English defender Rio Ferdinand was very voicetress of Chelsea’s unfair treatment of young English striker and former Aston Villa player Tammy Abraham. Citing that he hasn’t been given the same opportunity as Timo Werner.

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“It’s crazy we were talking off air before,” BT Sport pundit Ferdinand said, “A young player, does he get the time that a Timo Werner, new signing gets when they come in?

“And they’re not treated with as much care and understanding of their character and cotton wool that a new signing gets.

“A new signing gets the investment but you’re investing in a young player.

“A young player adds so much value to a team but they don’t ever get that time or patience that a new signing gets.

“Tammy wouldn’t get the time Timo gets.

“He [Werner] scored at the weekend but he missed a sitter at the weekend. He missed another tonight.

“If you’re Tammy, you’re sitting there going ‘right, OK, I’ve got to be playing at least at the weekend to get myself in the shop window for the next game against Madrid.”

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