(Video) Steward causes controversy after BRUTAL tackle on female pitch invader in her bra

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A pitch invader at an NRL game between the Gold Coast Titans and Parramatta Eels last night was brutally floored by stadium security.

Fans have invaded the pitch since the very beginning. There are those, often after a drink or two too many before or during the game, who decide to have their moment of fame by running on the pitch and disrupting the play.

Usually, they are swiftly detained by the security team and escorted from the stadium without there being much of a scuffle or need for a debrief, but in this case, the manner in which the pitch invader was stopped in their tracks has caused controversy.

As the Gold Coast Titans hosted Parramatta Eels in the NRL last night, a female spectator invaded the pitch with her shirt off, which was met by cheers from the predominantly male crowd, as you’d probably expect.

However, one member of the security team clearly wasn’t amused in the slightest, having sprinted towards her and tackled her to the floor, rather brutally, which has understandably caused some degree of controversy.

There will be those that argue that female pitch invaders should not be treated preferably, as they are breaking the same rules and laws as their male counterparts when they enter the field of play.

Though, naturally, society is not best pleased seeing a female forcefully barged to the floor by a man considerably larger than her, especially when she is not fully clothed. It’s sensitive – and problematic.

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  1. He was perfectly entitled to tackle her like he did. Male or female, clothed or not security has to act the same. Otherwise there’s different rules all of a sudden depending of the gender of the trespasser.

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