Fears for Mike Tyson intensify after boxing legend is filmed walking with a stick

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Fears for the well-being of boxing legend Mike Tyson have intensified after he was spotted using a walking stick, reports The Sun.

Tyson is widely regarded as one of the finest boxers of all time – he’s undoubtedly one of the most recognisable.

It’s for that reason that there are so many concerned fans within the boxing community as a result of Tyson’s recent comments and actions.

As is mentioned in the report by The Sun, Tyson recently revealed his belief that he is going to die ‘really soon’.

While you may not have read into that too much, you can’t help but be concerned that merely a week later he has been pictured using a walking stick.

Mike Tyson arrived at a New York hotel with a walking stick

The retired boxer used the stick to support his body weight as he made his way into the hotel

It’s all the more bizarre when you consider that Tyson is STILL being linked with the possibility of returning to boxing to fight one of the Paul brothers.

How on earth is he going to fight someone in their mid-20s if he is now unable to walk unassisted?

We have no interest in seeing Mike fight again. We want him to get well and stay well. We really hope that the stick is merely an elaborate fashion statement…

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