Fans try to cancel Cristiano Ronaldo after dog video emerges on social media

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Football fans on Twitter are now attempting to cancel Cristiano Ronaldo after a video of him chucking his dog into a swimming pool came to light.

Ever since the video of Kurt Zouma abusing his cat began to circulate, the topic of animal welfare has been an unusually prevalent one within the football community on social media.

That has resulted in some fans doing their digging, with a video of Cristiano Ronaldo ‘playing’ with his dog being unearthed – and some fans not being best impressed with it.

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There is, of course, a fundamental difference here.

Ronaldo is having fun with his dog, a breed of dog which enjoys swimming and is perfectly capable of doing so, as CR7 will have known prior to chucking it into the water.

Cats do not enjoy being kicked and slapped. They are not designed to be kicked and slapped. Zouma’s abhorrent actions cannot be compared to Ronaldo playing with his dog.

What’s our view, anyway, what’s yours?

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  1. Bullshit allegations, these dogs love water an even in the cr7 movie you can see he plays with him like that, yes zouma kicked a cat bit it was purely unintentional people need to stop hating, the fans 9f some clubs are the worst, they run to racism when some1 in a different skin colour does anything that beats their team…grow tf up guys, racism is unnecessary #stopracism

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