🚨 Fans have been fooled by Mike Tyson training footage claims British fighter

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Campbell Hatton isn’t convinced by Mike Tyson’s recent training footage.

Heavyweight boxing icon, Tyson, announced his return to the sport where he will face the YouTuber-come-boxer Jake Paul on July 20th.

Since the announcement ‘Iron Mike’ has been dropping some impressive looking training videos.

But Hatton thinks it will be very different when we actually see the former undisputed heavyweight champion in the ring against an opponent 30 years his junior.

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“People get carried away because Tyson looks an absolute monster on the pads and in training”, said Hatton when speaking to talkSPORT.

“But I think that is where people are justifying it because of how good he looks in videos in training.

“But he is now 57 years old. If it was based on how you throw your hands, he would go in there and make a mess of him.

“But he is a 57-year-old bloke, who is being expected now to go through rounds of fighting and taking shots.

“His punch resistance had already gone in the early 2000s, it can’t have got better and this whole thing is sad to see.”

Hatton also thinks new fans to the sport will get the wrong idea.

He continued: “If Jake Paul goes in there and knocks him out because of punch resistance and age, you don’t want them thinking Paul has got the better of him.

“It could very easily happen Paul going in there and beating him, and it gives a wrong reading to these up and coming fans who have got into boxing through the YouTube scene.

“You don’t want the new audience getting the wrong idea, and they could do from this.”

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  1. Agreed. Also…a 57 year old taking blows to the head in a boxing match borders on idiocy. No matter what the outcome, Tyson will be significantly diminished mentally and physically afterwards.

    1. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Tyson did not even train for some or maybe all his fights after k. Rooney was fired as trainer. U dont know cus damato or any of the training he designed. Physical is a small percentage of his technique. Its all mental. Tyson becomes that war god he will be the baddest man on the planet. When its over like in 2000s he apologized and said he did not want to disgrace boxing for not wanting to be that killing machine. You are a touchy feely person and never will know the hypnosis he was put through to be a monster mentally then training physically to be him.

      1. Who told you he was put through hypnosis? And how does that help? They’re not attacking too much in the ring, he’s not walking him down.

        1. Hypnosis is the training of the mind getting ready for a fight , please say you know nothing about being an athlete, before you make a comme

        2. Cus did put him through hypnosis sessions where they would be telling him “ your a monster, you fear nothing, your a tiger in the jungle you are the apex predator, you are a killer, no mercy on your opponents” etc not vibrating but you get the idea. This is well documented info .

          1. Thank you, before which fights? Because wouldn’t it have to be under a specific duration? And how does hypnosis help calculation and concentration and alertness, reaction time,because hypnosis is a form of possession by a jinn, only by people who practice the evil arts.

          2. 57 is not old man today… if we also count that he is ex professional BEST boxer in the world…it s enough to put to sleep one youtuber …e punto.

      2. “It’s all mental.”
        Ok, well I saw Tyson sit down and quit in the middle of a pro fight. Is that the mental part you’re talking about? Or how about almost dying of exhaustion while fighting 50 year old, big belly Roy Jones Jr back in 2020?

      3. lol I grew up in the state straight off mama titty fighting hundreds of crazy fuckers like him and worse and it doesn’t matter who in the ring right punch on that button goodnight nobody figured Tyson out back then now they got hundreds living out of penitentiary streets hell I promise they would figure him out to he just was the coldest one doing it

      4. Ya you know more than a professional. Give your mom her phone back and go back to your room in the basement.

    2. To be fair, I’m not sure many believe Tyson has ever been all there mentally. It’s part of what made him so dangerous. So I’m not sure about diminishing much mentally…that said I agree he should draw his pension cheques and keep his weed enterprise going and leave the fighting to the younger generation.

      I do want to see Paul fight a real boxer, even a mismatch size wise but someone credible who isn’t in there to throw the match.

      1. He’s actually a very mentally sound and intelligent person. Education has very little to do with how smart someone truly is. Many very educated stupid people out there. Watch his podcast “Hot Boxing.” He has said some things that are simple but say a lot that I wouldn’t even know how to articulate.

        1. He had a measured IQ of 78. That’s mentally retarded. He might have been a beast in the ring, but he’s just like the big tard in Mad Max Beyond Thundersome…

          1. Bob, if you’ve listened to the man speak, you can tell he’s intelligent. Well, maybe you can’t.

          2. Sorry, below 70 is retard, imbecil, and so on! The ekstra 8 he has, are the ones, making him able to BOTH, open and close doors✌🏻😁

          3. 78 is within standard deviation of ‘normal’. Yes to someone with a 120 IQ, he would seem quite slow.

            120+ IQ = MAGA leaders fleecing the flock
            100- IQ = Trump followers believing the MAGA leaders.

          4. What’s I.Q? A thought? Or an very limited observation, which it is,based on what grounds?
            Your angry man has an intelligent ability, where you have none.

          5. Muhammad Ali’s iq was 78 too…iq testing… especially before early 2000’s doesn’t mean anything and definitely does not equate to how intelligent someone is

          6. IQ is a bogus dipstick test. That was his score when he was in school — he was a criminal by age 13. YT dominated public school system definitely discriminated against him, too. As a well-read person who knows it’s insensitive to call people “retarded”, even anonymously online, I can tell you confidently that Mike today is smarter than you are.

          7. Made more of himself than you ever will lad half the planet know who he is unless you starred in rita sue bob too i dont know who you are pal

        2. I agree 💯 , Tyson is different he was knocking grown men out at 13 yrs old ,I feel if he’s 50% of his old self he’ll be dangerous the first 5 rounds at least.

      2. If he wasn’t there mentally, there’d be dead opponents and he’d be refused the ring in the first instance, he has great use of his facilities (himself)

      1. These two probably met at a party and talked about how much money they could make off this fiasco. Now it’s gonna happen. They’ll be bro’ing it up on yachts a week later. All good fun

        1. Your telling man he has an I.Q of 78 without proving it like your his best friend and you don’t need to,and we should all believe you, so what if he did at one time, what did it measure? Observation on an image, creativity, not intelligence, a formula, but not one thats the beginning and end of all intelligence.

    3. Tyson is gonna pump him 100% the will knock Jake Paul out in the first round seriously Tyson is an animal he never loose that no matter how old he is maybe when he’s 75-80yr old yes but he’s in his 50’s he’s still got it everyone will see it’s gonna be slack on Jake Paul cause he will get smashed and put in his place

    4. Unless Tyson wants to sit there in blackout mode. Blacking out and energised on some purposeful chronic.

    5. Doubtful. His head has already experienced severe trauma. It’s unlikely that Jake Paul will get many to land. Tyson is still the goat.

    6. You’re giving Jake Paul way too much credit. He fought one below average actual professional boxer ( Fury ) in his short “career” and he barely landed a punch on him. He will run most of the fight and try to land his amateur right cross ( which is his only weapon of note). Tyson will see that coming all fight and it will mot land. Paul’s only chance will be if they agree on 10 rounds and Mike gasses. But Mike won’t agree to more than 8 rounds.

    7. Tyson is animal a destroyer of souls !! He’s in A+shape look at his body cardio will be up there A+ he smokes alot of weed !! He has a shit ton of money in bank already !!
      It’s either going to be just a exhibition fight tap for tap or Tyson breaks the rules 30seconds in and knocks his opponents head off after taking a ear sample !! Lol either way they bother signed up for the fight !! Lets just enjoy the fight !! Real fake it’s still 💯 gonna be worth a watch !! Team Tyson for the win !! TKO 2nd round

  2. The same things are being said George Foreman back in the ring.
    All this is a bunch of stuff keep stuff going over this up until we fight

  3. he is right punsh resistens flows away over the years. it thussend mean he cant punsh the living daylight out of Jake Paul because Tyson has the punsh in him to do that. but Tyson isend half the man he used to be in his prime.having said that half the Tysen can stil woop him . and Tyson need to heurt him bad without the first 3 rounds . Jake wil try to run for sure. it can hobeatherbway. but i wil out my money of a Tyson Onsloucht .

    1. Tyson has been exposed several times in several different fights by some great fighters .i just don’t think this kid Jake got it in him to do it , no matter what age … don’t let that age thing get you to caught up , a old monster to me is just as dangerous as a young monster !!

      1. They’re not being monsters, that’s called charging at man and using killer instinct like guess what, your actually too angry, so no we can’t see whose the best fighter, because they mocking the whole fighting process with the sport anyway.

    2. That was painful to read. Pretty sure someone died trying to read that. I think I know what you are saying. But man, I hope English isn’t your first language because that was rough.

  4. My friend is 97 years old he’s pretty sharp for his age, I’m 52 half of his age, you are talking about mike Tyson as if he’s 97 years old seriously. Mike wasn’t trying to knock out Roy Jones Jr but I believe he will be gunning for Jake Paul, you think Jake Paul would have a chance against Mike in his prime? Not even close.

  5. Haters…nothing but hate. Trainers and boxers have always loved to hate Tyson. Hatton is jealous that his fighters can’t get a decent payday in the ring .

  6. I loved watching Tyson in his prime. He was a monster and a world class athlete. His punching power was legend but his defensive skills and speed were amazing too. I really hope for his sake that he pulverizes Paul, but I have the same concerns expressed by Hatton. Father time is the only truly undefeated fighter.

  7. I truly believe Jake Paul never has the kill or be killed mentality that Tyson once had, and if he still has that done inside and it comes out during the fight. Your gonna see a 57yr old knock a younger man out.

  8. I was brought up watching tyson fight and both men at same age well I don’t think I need say more but people are hanged up about tyson being old jack johnston faught up to a grand old age and joe louis goerge foreman all warriors proved in a ring did the same let Tyson have some fun

  9. Mike Tyson is going to finish Paul within 2 minutes. Paul has not experienced the punching power that Tyson still has. Paul is very inexperienced compared to Tyson, and Tyson is an expert at finding an opening. Paul is going to have to get very lucky to knock out Tyson. As Tyson has said in the past, everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. All of you “experts” make it sound like Tyson is a doddering old man who is going to stand there and let the young guy knock him out. I am afraid Tyson may hurt him badly.

  10. Off course he sounds like a bitch. Age doesn’t mean a shit what really matters is to get up after being knocked is to not stay on the ground. I firmly believe Mike even has that experience even this Fury guy wouldn’t compete with Mike i swear he wouldn’t.

  11. I hope Tyson knocks the punk out but if he gets knocked out isn’t it a felony to hit on senior citizens? Lol. What age does that start?

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