‘The tournament has peaked’ – These football fans in stitches after remote control car delivers Turkey v Italy match ball

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Football fans have taken to Twitter in their masses to react to a remote control car, which ferried the match ball onto the field of play ahead of Turkey vs Italy.

Ladies and gentleman, Euro 2020 has arrived.

As if the legendary Andrea Bocelli performing ‘Nessun dorma’ on the turf of the Stadio Olimpico in Rome wasn’t enough to get us all hyped for the European Championships, the tournament organisers had another trick up their sleeves.

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A remote control car, à la the kind we see bringing the ball onto the field of play in Ligue 1, covered in Uber Eats branding, drove across the field and towards the centre-circle, where it deposited the ball ahead of kick-off.

It’s unconventional, but you can only imagine how much Volkswagen had to pay to have their branding on the side of the car, with the eyes of the world watching, and half of them taking to Twitter to laugh at it.

Here’s what a chunk of the football world had to say…

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