Fans freak out after man who resembles Mohamed Salah sends nude photos

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Social media EXPLODED on Sunday evening after a video did the rounds which showed a man, who resembles a married Liverpool player, sending nude photos via Snapchat.

There’s rarely a dull moment on football Twitter, but there’s been very few which have completely and utterly overwhelmed the football community on the platform as much as the suggestion that Mohamed Salah’s crown jewels were on the timeline.

Before we get into the meat of this (pardon the pun), it’s important to note that the video is 100% NOT CONFIRMED TO BE REAL and could be absolutely anyone posing as Liverpool’s fabulous number eleven.

However, the person in the video was close enough aesthetically to the Egyptian king that fans on football Twitter began to grow concerned that it was actually him being naughty on Snapchat.

Unfortunately, we can’t show you the video to provide the context. Irrespective of who the man is in the snaps, he certainly would not have intended for the whole world to see his pride and joy via social media.

We will describe it to you the best we can.

A man is filmed driving at the wheel of his Ferrari. He later sends rather fruity photos of himself in tight briefs, while receiving some sort of message, laid out on a table.

He showcases his immensely chiselled abs, which is followed by a photo of a penis.

This message exact came next.

Before the Snapchat user sent a photo of Mohamed Salah giving the ‘peace’ sign while in his car.

IS IT SALAH? That’s the question on absolutely everyone’s mind. We would say, pretty conclusively, it isn’t. These things are EASILY faked in this day and age and it would be remarkably out of character for Salah.

The man has a wife and children and could do without attempts to scupper his home life by those on social media.

Remarkably, some are attempting to use that notorious photo of Salah and his children from Christmas time as evidence that the person in the video IS the Liverpool star.

As we have said repeatedly, it’s worth taking this with the ALMIGHTIEST pinch of salt. Football Twitter likes to get excited over absolutely any opportunity to rinse players of their rival clubs. This is just another of those smears.

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