(Video) Fans convinced THIS is the moment Arsenal star spot-fixed as dodgy £65k bet is found

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After the FA confirmed that they are investigating suspicious betting activity around an Arsenal player, fans have begun their detective work.

As was reported by The Athletic, a considerable amount of cash was understood to have been placed on an Arsenal player picking up a yellow card. The bet was spotted by the bookie and was reported to the FA for investigation.

If an Arsenal player was found guilty of intentionally determining the outcome of a market through an action on the field, whether it be for their own financial gain or the financial gain of an associate, they would be hit with a very severe penalty.

That might have Granit Xhaka sweating under his collar, with fans on social media convinced they have identified the moment that the Switzerland international intentionally got himself booked, time-wasting over a free-kick vs Leeds United.

This tweet sent out on December 18th, the night of the fixture, flagged suspicious betting activity on Betfair in the market of Granit Xhaka to receive a yellow card at any time in the match.

The evidence is not quite conclusive – but it’s pretty convincing, isn’t it?

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