🚨Fans are all saying the same thing about England star after brutal brawl spills onto the concrete

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A massive brawl broke out during Harlequins’ game against Sales Shark on Friday night.

Marcus Smith put on a very impressive performance as he led his side to a 36-3 win over the Premiership leaders.

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After the recent Owen Farrell news, Smith will be hoping to step up for his country in next year’s Six Nations and showcase why he deserves that spot with a star showing for Harlequins.

But there was a major scuffle in the second half when players from both sides spilt over the advertising board and onto the concrete.

Fans criticized the referee for not booking England player, Jonny Hill for his actions.

“As usual indiscipline from Hill” said one fan.

“Absolutely disgusting there is no yellow for Hill” said another.

“He took it a bit to far with elbow, should be a yellow” said a third.


    1. Banned for life in my eyes,tempers may flair but composure against violence is so important. A to close call and could have caused serious damage far to easily with the forearm on the throat.

  1. This sort of behaviour is totally un acceptable, he has been put on a pedestal as a good player and needs to set a good example, this is not it. Heavy penalties should be inflicted.

  2. The comments so far seem to be from people who have never played the game. It was just a bit of confrontation between “macho” forwards. No-one got hurt and no carding required.

  3. Ban him for 6 games ! It should never happen, no matter the reason for it . They need to dicipline themselves!.

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