🚨 Fans all think Jake Paul is in trouble as Mike Tyson releases new training footage

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Mike Tyson and Jake Paul fight on July 20th live on Netflix.

The former baddest man on the planet makes his first return to the ring in nearly four years when he faces the YouTuber-come-boxer.

In professional terms, ‘Iron Mike’ hasn’t boxed since a sad defeat to Kevin McBride in 2005 which marked the end of his legendary career.

The bout has caused controversy due to the huge age gap between the men and fans are concerned for Tyson after recent illnesses.

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But all that being said there is a certain excitement that only Mike Tyson can bring and his latest training video has certainly peaked interest in the fight.

You can watch the video below:

Fight fans responded to tbe ultra short training clip.

One said: ‘Jake Paul calling his agent to cancel the fight.’

Another added: ‘Better have an ambulance 🚑 standing by for Jake Paul’

A third commented: ‘Day 1 should be enough to get the job done.’

A fourth said: ‘Jake Paul might want to sit this one out.’

Thoughts on the fight? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. really great fan always of mike tyson hes allways had the balls of an ox , jake paul is taking the pxxx wanting the glory of wanting to fight tyson but hes still brilliant for his age and i believe he will put jake paul in hospital if its a real match and not exibition

  2. All yall concerned about the age difference. Let me tell ya, I’m a 54 year old martial artist and take care of myself as all the years of training has taught me to do. My age is only a number.
    Mike is the same way,he’s a trained fighter with years of experience. He still takes care of his body and stay in shape, he ain’t no old couch potato!
    There is a reason why he is 56 years old and able to get it done.
    He’s one of the best, one of the hardest hitters and has a jawl of iron. Jake Paul is young ,has a decent fight game and hits perty solid ,But, he can’t stand with Mike when he starts going to the body,takes away all his air then ,look out, here comes the cross to the jail. Good night Jake, sleep well and dream about the steak you can eat after your jawl heals and they remove the wires.
    Yep, that’s how I see this fight going. With age, does not come weaknesses unless you alow it.
    All you youngster remember,
    There is a reason why we old folks livd this long.

  3. I just hope its not a rigged fight in anyway and look forward to jake paul cant speak with a broken jaw

  4. The man still trains everyday. I wouldn’t want to fight him when he’s 98. Those hammers are gonna destroy that kids ribs. Prob reason number Jake asked for headgear. That does show he’s not an idiot and respects the power Tyson still has. In a legit up and up fight, i can’t see this going the distance. Which approach will Tyson Take. Fast and Furious as he almost always did. Or slowed a bit to land his power punches methodically? Time will Tell. Either way. I’ll always be an Iron Mike Fan.

  5. Yeah Mike looks good in short bursts, but can he sustain those attacks moving forward over longer rounds ? I don’t think so, If JP can get through the first two rounds he wins.

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