(Video) Crazed football fan DESTROYS his TV after learning Chelsea star’s Ballon D’Or ranking

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A crazed football fan on Twitter DESTROYED his television after discovering that Jorginho had placed third in the Ballon D’Or rankings.

Jorginho enjoyed a quite remarkable 2021, having been central to Chelsea winning the Champions League AND Italy winning the Europan Championship.

However, with the Ballon D’Or being an accolade awarded to the highest-performing individual over the course of the year, there were some who questioned whether Jorginho ought to have been in the conversation.

Regardless of whether you felt he was deserving or not, Jorginho did place third in the rankings behind only Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowski, which is quite the achievement.

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It really triggered one French football fan, though, who was not best pleased with Karim Benzema’s ranking and was absolutely FURIOUS to see Jorginho so high.

He was so angry, in fact, that he demolished his own television. Football really does bring out the worst in people, doesn’t it?

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