Famed golf course at grave risk of plunging into the sea within 20 years

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 The St Andrews Links golf course is reportedly in jeopardy of being plunged into the sea within 20 years.

The concerning news, as reported by Wales Online, has come from an investigation launched by The One Show into rising sea levels on British shores.

The report notes that the St Andrews Links golf course, where the sport has been played since the 15th century, could no longer exist in just 20 years time.

That’s as a result of coastal erosion, which is threatening all sorts of property located along the Scottish coastline.

A spokesperson for the course has been quoted by the aforementioned report sharing their concerns with The One Show.

“If you look at the landscape that we are in, it’s quite low-lying, it’s quite near the sea. It is going to be vulnerable.”

St Andrews Links golf course is reportedly at risk of plunging into the sea

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“Golf has been played here for 600 years. It should still be played here in hundreds of years from now.”

The climate crisis really ought to have the alarm bells ringing in every household, in every country across the world. Time is running out to prevent irreparable damage.

While the prospect of seeing a golf course that has stood for 100s of years is unlikely to spring the ignorant into action, it is just another example of how human life is set to be altered by global warming.

We have to take action now to save not only St Andrews Links, but life as we know it…