Comedian Fabu D slammed for push up challenge with homeless person

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Fabu D aka Black Paddy has come in for a backlash online after asking a homeless person to do a push up challenge. Speaking on Newstalk’s Lunchtime Live the comedian was on the popular show and tried his best to explain what happened..

“After I seen what people were talking about this video, I actually genuinely felt bad,” he said.

“If I have downgraded this guy in any way, or taken advantage of him in any way, I would love to apologise to him.”

He said the challenge is for anybody and everybody.

“I want to just get everyone – doesn’t matter if he was black, if he was white, if he was whatever colour – involved in this challenge, but a happy vibe kind of challenge.

“I was in that situation before; I was homeless for two years in Ireland and I understand how it feels to be homeless.

“I didn’t see the guy as homeless. I just see him as me and I just decide to have fun with a guy, but if I have offended anyone, if anyone was taking that video really personally offensive, I genuinely apologise.

“I’m not for that – I don’t like to create anger or negativity. I like to spread positivity to a lot of people,” he added.

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