Evan Comerford Singled Out for Bad Sportsmanship

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What a game of football that was on Sunday between the two power houses of Gaelic football in Kerry and Dublin. It went right down to the wire with an outstanding free kick at the death from Seán O’Shea to win it for the Kingdom.

One twitter user has picked up on Dublin goalkeeper Evan Comerford shaking the posts as Seán O’Shea went to kick the last free kick of the game. Was this bad sportsmanship or you do whatever you can to win? See it below;

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It’s going to make for a great final and Kerry will be raging hot favourites to overcome Kerry and life the Sam Maguire Cup for the first time since 2014.

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  1. He was a disgrace to Dublin as a keeper caint be trusted caint take his beaten like a man hope he likes playing in division 2 next season

  2. Actually Evan had a Wonderful game for Dublin,even saving the penalty that was no penalty and then getting kicked in the head by the same player that took the last free, which was no free, and that player was unbelievably still on the pitch!!! One rule for the Dubs from the culchie officials and another for their county men,(all culchies are culchies) robbed us again like last year

    1. In this day of PC is the word culchie now a racist slur on us gentleman of the countryside.

    2. Agree no penalty but I know of no forward who would not follow that ball up any differently. God would you give your brain a chance to develop as clearly not mature enough to watch grownup sport on your own

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