Explanation for Eva Marie’s WWE release provided by journalist

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Wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer has provided a potential explanation for Eva Marie’s release from the WWE.

Eva Marie was one of the 18 fighters released by the WWE midweek. The official word is that the WWE are cutting costs, but some of these releases feel more personal than the company would like you to think.

It’s Eva Marie’s release that we’re focusing on here, with wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer having given fans some food for thought when speaking on the topic.

Meltzer is quoted by sportskeeda suggesting that the WWE may have held a grudge over her past decision to pursue alternate avenues in her career:

“She left to do some acting work right after she [returned] she wasn’t getting over. She’s not young, you know. Great look, of course, great look and all that, great body; but she left.”

Eva Marie was one of 18 fighters who were cut from the WWE this week

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“So, I think that probably was held against her. It was an idea, but she wasn’t that good of a wrestler at all. It wasn’t going to work. They gave her a chance.”

While there is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has had an adverse effect on the WWE’s finances, there’ll be no randomness about the individuals they choose to release.

If there are any grudges being held behind the scenes, this is the perfect opportunity for those pulling the strings, McMahon included, to give preferential treatment to the fighters they actually like.

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