Chris Eubank Sr insists Conor Benn is ‘INNOCENT’ following failed drugs test

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Chris Eubank Sr has thrown his support behind Conor Benn, insisting that he is NOT a drugs cheat.

Benn’s proposed fight with Chris Eubank Sr’s son, Chris Eubank Jr, was cancelled at the eleventh hour after he tested positive for clomifene, which is a banned substance.

All those involved have lost out on a HUGE amount of cash as a consequence and British boxing fans were unable to enjoy what was a highly-anticipated fight.

Still, Eubank Sr is laying no blame on Benn, or so it seems. Quoted by talkSPORT reporter Michael Benson, Eubank Sr revealed his belief that Benn was NOT trying to cheat.

“Conor Benn is innocent. He doesn’t know how to cheat. He’s a Christian.”

Hearn refuses to give up fight after Benn v Eubank thrown into chaos by  doping positive | Boxing | The Guardian
Conor Benn (pictured) has been offered support by Chris Eubank Sr

“The people around him – let me put it this way – wouldn’t it seem normal to you that if a fighter failed a drug test, if he gets banned, then his entire team should be banned with him?”

Clomifene is relatively easily detectable and stays in your system for several months after being taken. There are aspects of this situation which quite simply do not add up.

Still, whether it’s Benn’s intentional wrongdoing or not, the fact remains that he failed a drugs test and that will follow him around for what remains of his boxing career.