Samuel Eto’o launches SCATHING unprovoked attack on the great Thierry Henry

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Barcelona legend Samuel Eto’o has launched a quite extraordinary attack on the great Thierry Henry.

Eto’o, who is best known for stints with Barca, Inter Milan and Chelsea, will be remembered in history by one of the finest strikers of his generation.

Another top forward from that era is Arsenal and France icon Thierry Henry, who is arguably the greatest player ever to play in the Premier League.

Rather bizarrely, Eto’o has now revealed that he is NOT a fan of Henry’s, claiming that he wasn’t even as good as compatriot Nicolas Anelka.

Thierry Henry Named as Premier League's Greatest-Ever! - Mount Royal Soccer
Thierry Henry (pictured) is one of the greatest strikers ever to play the game

Anelka was a top striker, as was Eto’o, but Henry was in a different stratosphere. It’s hard to imagine how and why Eto’o is unable to recognise that.

We can only assume that the pair had some sort of behind-the-scenes beef, else Eto’o would surely not be so scathing in the public eye as he has here.

It’s hard to imagine Henry being particularly bothered by Eto’o’s comments, he’ll probably take it as a compliment that he’s still living rent free in his head.

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