🚨 Erik ten Hag has spoken to Mason Greenwood for the first time and his future has been revealed 👀

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Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has reached out to Mason Greenwood to check in on the 21-year-old after attempted rape and assault charges against him were dropped last week. 

According to the Daily Mail, the charges against Greenwood were dropped when 12 witnesses refused to co-operate in the investigation, and it has emerged that the complainant had wanted to retract her accusations since last April.

Greenwood was first arrested back in January 2022 after videos and images were posted online of the footballer’s horrendous acts towards a young woman and following his arrest, Man United decided to suspend him on full pay.

The 21-year-old has not played for the Manchester club since and following last week’s news, the Red Devils are currently carrying out an internal investigation to determine their next steps regarding the 21-year-old’s controversial return.

In the meantime, it has been reported in a story carried by the Mail, that Ten Hag has reached out to Greenwood to check on the player’s physical and mental state, and told the 21-year-old he was “pleased” that the charges had been dropped.

The Dutch coach is also said to have made it clear to the youngster that it will be the club’s choice as to whether he returns to the first-team squad or not, which will come after their investigation has been completed.

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  1. Please all green wood to continue with his carrier, because even the accuser had wanted to dro the case which means it was a may be case.so we will be glad to see him on the next match thanks. Team viewers forever

  2. He should be training now, that guy is good they should give him another chance and united need him to strengthen on their squard

  3. Please we need to see greenwood in the team,
    Don’t lose him please he is one of players that we always want to see in the team, because if you let him go you may buy him again with your own money I’m sure. Don’t make this mistake

    1. Give the youngster an olive branch and another chance. Who are to judge? After all, All the charges were dropped. Before the charges were dropped the youngster went through a metamorphosis. To err is human after all when the charges were brought forward he was a mere 19 or 20 year old. He learnt from his mistakes.

  4. What happened to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty under British law.I have failed to understand why united had him suspended for all this time when he hadn’t been charged and now he is not being prosecuted they are prevaricating over what to do with him.For Godssake give the lad a chance and let him prove his worth to a team with poor attacking talent where they are obviously desperate judging by the two lumps they have on loan who haven’t a fraction of the ability of Mason

  5. Court processes and club processes are different. One uses the balance of probability while the other requires proving beyond reasonable doubt. Let the two exhaust their channels independently so that the case is cleared once and for all. No need to hurry!

  6. I was very sad when I heard about Greenwood ‘s case and arrested. Greenwood have been a very good player for our beloved team (Manchester United). So we want him back to the team and we love to see him playing. All what we is, he should training now as all charges against him has been dropped. Finally I thank the Almighty God protecting him.

  7. Mason Greenwood hasn’t been found guilty by the court of law, thus he is innocent as it hasn’t been proven otherwise. Manchester United Football Club is not a court of law, a football club. We need him for his talent. What does Manchester United Football Club want to prove????? This is insane. Is it because of the fact that he is Black??????

  8. Greenwood is one of the best prayers please let him start training. Man United management please don’t leave this young talented man please

    1. Could become a world star for sure ,yet there is still an outstanding issue regarding his attitude toward women and sex.Young,naive and unfortunately that part of his character needs addressing, counselling for sure in this matter now its in public domain.His career should continue as we are all guilty of stupidity in our lives,an olive branch and forgiveness is needed.Educating is paramount in this also.

  9. I will stop supporting Man U if the decide to terminate Greenwood’s contract .I am really tired of watching powerless Red devil 👿

  10. He’s young and made a terrible mistake, casting him away won’t change what he’s done. Let him back in the team and work to earn our respect back, we all make mistakes and we all deserve a 2nd chance. Would be a terrible loss to manutd and a great addition to any premiership side who snatch him up.

  11. Manchester United and Erik ten Hag shoud give Greenwood a second chance. Everybody made mistakes as nobody is perfect that’s why the word second chance. The yound man is a world class star and we the fans needs him so as the club too.
    Pls let the boy carry on his carrier.

  12. Please with the guy mistakes are human forgive 🙏 him for the sake of his terllent and the love spirit for the team

  13. Please I would be happy as United fans let greenwood be part of the first team back please. We need to give him another chance. Greenwood is better than Anthony is the Lwf please don’t. Let us loose him just because of a single mistake please. The team should make the right choice about this case…… “We want Greenwood back”

  14. What the Dickens is going on? The proverbial man from outer space would find it totally unbelievable this is happening in England, the country universally acclaimed as the champion of rule of law. Mason Greenwood had all the charges against him dropped. Yet some hollier than thou, goody two shoes persons (a teeny weeny minority) are orchestrating his sacking by Man United. A convicted footballer rapist has been allowed to play football again. Why not Mason Greenwood??? I suspect something else!!!!!Man U would be making a grievous and hugely costly error if they sack him.

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