🚨A lot of football fans are all saying the same thing about Eni Aluko being on ITV for the Euros this summer .. 😬

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Both ITV and BBC announced their pundits for the Euros this summer and a lot of fans are cracking that Eni Aluko will be on our TV screens again .. 

Bit harsh but have a look what people think below ..

She thinks that she gets trolled because she’s A:female, B: black when actually it’s because she’s simply shocking as a pundit.

I won’t be watching it anyway. Lost every ounce of interest I ever had in England and I doubt it’ll change until Southgate goes. Best attacking squad in years and some of the most ludicrously generous draws imaginable, he still meekly goes out with cowardly tactics.

We want top pundits for the game. Nothing against folks talking sense but not crap like this.

She’s so good at Stats that I’m sure she noticed that it was a game of 3 halves, and she watched for the whole 60 minutes as they gave the maximum 10%.

With this bonus, perhaps the BBC will give us some of our license fee back as this is has to be a real money spinner for them during the Euros. ITV this has to be a dreadful own goal , does anyone want her as a pundit 🤷🏼‍♂️

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  1. Another couple of boxes ticked, maybe a very nice person but cringingly awful pundit.

  2. Absolute joke as a pundit my son is 6 and he’s forgotten more than she will ever know looks like I’ll be watching on another channel 🖕🖕

  3. Absolutely terrible pundit. About time they realised this and stop giving her airtime.

  4. What is it with people in this country? Everyone is all of a sudden a football expert? If you don’t like what pundits are saying switch on at kick off, go make a cuppa and put the dishwasher on at half time. Come back when the second half starts and switch off when the game ends. Personally I like listening to the pundits as they obviously know a lot more that I do. The mental attitudes of sports people is fascinating. There is absolutely no need for all the negativity.

    1. Not everyone enjoys listening to the pundits but those that do generally like the pundits to have at least the remotest idea of what they’re talking about and unfortunately that isn’t the case here. The only thing worse than her punditry is the rolling about on the ground everytime they fall over and we have to wait till the physio comes on followed by the hair stylist, the make up lady, the mental health guru, the fitness coach, the dietician, the psychologist, the anger management guru etc etc and then when they eventually get back on their feet we’re told we’re waiting on VAR checking for a possible handball or some such crap half an hour ago.

    2. I think you’re doing yourself down there, ‘they obviously know a lot more than I do’. 19 goals in 40 appearances she says, ‘do the math on that, a goal a game’.

  5. She is absolutely clueless. The only reason I WONT be watching the euros on ITV. My flaccid cock has more football knowledge than she has in that inflated head of hers! Just incredibly stupid and naive of ITV to have this useless ‘pundit’ on our screens.

  6. Why don’t they do away with all the pundits and commentators and just have the noise of the crowd singing,chanting and booing? They could add subtitles to the screen so we can all have a good old singalong. You’d almost think you were there in the stadium.

  7. ITV should show the football on ITV1 with their diversity panel and at the same time show it on ITV2 with an all male panel and see which is the most popular show. Simples.

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