English company has a NIGHTMARE after investing in 18,000 England ‘World Cup Winner’ jerseys

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English company gambled on their nation winning the World Cup and invested in 18,000 jerseys with ‘It’s finally home’ on the back.

A businessman named, Karl Baxter, thought that he could get ahead of the curb by prematurely buying a whopping 18,000 English jerseys with ‘World Cup Winners’ on the back.

Unfortunately for Baxter, England was booted out of the tournament after a devastating 2-1 defeat to France over the weekend.

Baxter is the managing director of Wholesale Clearance UK and planned on flipping the jerseys for £29.99 each once England won the final. He claimed that he ‘couldn’t say no’ when offered the investment.

“I’m absolutely gutted that England has been knocked out of the World Cup,” he said.

“I have been really impressed with England’s performance in Qatar and was sure they would win this year’s tournament.

“When approached by a supplier to sell the shirts, I simply couldn’t say no.”

He has made an ‘appeal’ to English fans to buy his jerseys for a reduced price.

“I’d like to appeal to England fans to purchase one of the shirts, to keep it as a piece of history and a reminder of how well our team played throughout the tournament.

“While they haven’t won, they are still winners in my eyes.”

Will you be buying one of these historical treasures?