🚨People have mixed views of what Aimee Barrett-Theron said to both captains in the England vs Wales game last night .. 😬

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England took on Wales last night in the Under 20’s Six Nations and the match official Aimee Barrett-Theron is being applauded by some and not by others for what she said to both captains.

Have a look below and see some the reactions ..

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My thoughts are that if the ref was a man, we wouldn’t have conversation about this. I see talk between ref and players like this every weekend and nobody talk about it

Really no issue with this. As others have said, if it was a male ref then it would called as spot on. Don’t say the ref was poor, many a male refs are poor on the night and that is that, so be consistent in criticizing.

It’s fine but you’ve gotta back it up by reffing the game well. The ref was poor all round, rucks were a free for all. The likes of Barnes, Pearce and Owens can do it and back it up because they’re elite refs

If that was Nigel Owen’s we’d all be “Ahaha classic Nigel right, what a bloke” ??

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