🚨South African pundits pick up on a sneaky tactic that Owen Farrell did at the breakdown that denied the Boks

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What a cracking contest that as last night at a full house at the Stade de France in Paris. There was nothing given and after the game Nick Mallett one of the South African pundits and ex player picked up on a sneaky piece of play from Owen Farrell at the ruck close to the line as the Springboks were attacking.

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South Africa will face New Zealand next in the Rugby World Cup final and that will make for one hell of a game. You’d be a fool t back against either team. One to England can do is take a lot of heart from that game last night. They nearly had the Springboks last night, came within inches of seeing it out.

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  1. This does my head in. All these if and buts. All teams will push the rules as far as possible to gain any advantage.
    At the end one team wins and one loses.
    It’s not always the ref cheated or the winning team must have cheated. Sometimes the other team is just better.
    Get over yourselves.
    It not like nobody knows that Farrell will do anything to win, but so do a lot of players.

  2. It’s probably more accurate to say, “England rugby doesn’t lose graciously, will say and do anything to rewrite the story to glorify England and their often mediocre performances.” There are examples dating back for ever. Examples such as, Curey going to the ref and making a what if statement, “McCaw is the biggest cheat in world rugby”, and anyone who made the English team look less than the best gets the same treatment and the media beat it up.
    England lost, would have been easier to beat than SA, but will be a better specifically and a lot less BS PRESS INCHS. Remember how well Eddie fitted in the English environment.

  3. I think that Curry was stirring the pot, hoping to get the Hooker sent off. Since it appears nobody else heard the comment, it’s will be “he said I said “ Curry is a wind up merchant, he is always laughing or smirking at the opposition if they make a mistake.

  4. Full marks to the touch-judge who insisted the throw-in be taken in the correct spot, rather than allow the thrower to sneak a few metres towards their opponents’ end.

  5. What the hell is racist about referring to a white jersey as white??? Clearly a term of endearment just as Bongi is a green c**t

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