🚨Calls for England vs France to be replayed after disgraceful last call .. 😬

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What a cracking weekend of rugby that was and La Crunch didn’t disappoint, France won the game in Lyon with a last minute penalty. Fans aren’t happy with the penalty though, should it have been a penalty? See what you make of it below and the comments underneath ..

The ref made a decision, whether you agree with it or not a real rugby player will accept it. A terrific game with some superb tries, why don’t you highlight those?

Hey ho, just nice to be in the mix again with some exciting rugby. Traditional 6N, always get more decisions at home. Any Scots saying English are bad losers I direct to their France game.

I’ll make a wager that a good rugby ref isn’t in position to see 50% of the infractions on the pitch. The number of forward passes that are touted as beautiful layoffs is painful. He can’t possibly see what’s happening at the bottom of many rucks. The scrum penalties that are called are basically random. The upshot is that in that arena of slightly organized mayhem it matters little if one call is made wrong or another missed. My respectful opinion.


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  1. Does he try to wrap his arm round? No.Does he put his shoulder across the legs of a running player? Yes.
    Is it a penalty. Yes.
    Move on.

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