🚨Leaked Owen Farrell involved in a MASSIVE scrap in the England camp!

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According to Andy Goode on The Rugby Pod Owen Farrell was in a bit of a bust up with his teammate Henry Arundell and that might be one of the reasons why Arundell isn’t getting any look in, with this England side.

Goode said the following on The Rugby Pod

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“You talk about pace, we haven’t scored many tries, and you’ve got a kid in the stands. Henry Arundell who scored five tries in one game.

“He has got game-break ability x-factor, and he can’t get a look in, but there is a reason behind it.

“I’ve heard there’s a reason behind it… Here’s one for you, lads,” Goode said before co-host Jim Hamilton said “Oh god!”

“I have heard through the grapevine and through my sources that Henry Arundell and Owen Farrell had a bit of a set two and a scrap at training.

“And because you don’t mess with Faz apparently in this England squad. That’s why Henry Arundell isn’t anywhere near the match day 23 after scoring five tries.” Goode said.

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  1. What a lot of tosh! Poor Owen, he’s not only the reason for the war in Ukraine, world famine and COVID, now it’s been decided he’s also a dictator authoritarian in the England camp! Ah well…

      1. And why would that be???? Because he plays for a cheating team that is Saracens ? Leave him alone for once. This is rugby. It’s about respect you should move over to football with your attitude!! 🙄

    1. Poor Owen. I’ve served with people just like Owen look good to the bosses. But they undermine the team and individuals – especially the talented and creative.
      This England team look scared to make mistakes, so they make them for that fear

  2. So its not just in South Africa where he is considered a ponce – some of
    his own teammates are of the same view..

  3. I can’t wait for us to get knocked out of the tournament. At least we can give Farrell the two fingered salute and start playing Smith and Arundell in preparation for Six Nations.

    1. Not to worry D nash, we have a number of men in the Bok team thinking that they are God‘s gift to mankind, Rassie included.

    1. Maybe they don’t think their bigger? They are all good payers and earned their place. Get over yourself

  4. Care 9, smith 19, tialuga and marchant centres stewart and 15 and however at wings. Get rid this farrell ford axis its outdated and boring. Kick Kick Kic. If are giong to go out let5s play some more syslish entertaining rugby. Every team before we play know how we are giong to play and can nullify. Trouble of having ex forward as coach get other teams guessing more efective

  5. Had the same with electric paced winger Adam Radwan scored 3 tries in 2 games and not seen him since.

  6. This isn’t fair on Farrell. He lives near me and whilst I don’t know him well, he is a true family man and applauded my daughter when she first rode her bike in the park as he walked by. Give the guy a break – it’s not like he will say ‘don’t pick me’.

  7. farrell has definately lost that certain touch, his kicking certainly isn’t as good as it was. It’s time to make way Owen. it’s embarrassing to watch now

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