(Video) Former England goalkeeper says kicking a cat is WORSE than racism

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Former England goalkeeper Chris Kirkland has rather contentiously argued that kicking a cat is worse than racism.

Kirkland was speaking on the disturbing video which did the rounds on social media, showing West Ham defender Kurt Zouma booting his cat as his brother stood and laughed.

Zouma was, remarkably, included in the West Ham starting XI that faced Watford on Tuesday night, with David Moyes evidently the only man in football NOT outraged by the video.

Chris Kirkland, who made over 150 appearances in the Premier League, is absolutely furious with Zouma and made no secret of it while discussing the matter.

However, in doing so, the one-cap England international claimed that kicking a cat is WORSE than racism and thus ought to be met with firmer punishment by the powers at be.

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Not to trivialise animal abuse, which is abhorrent and unacceptable in any shape or form, but Kirkland is going down a dangerous path by making that comparison.

You wonder if he will retrospectively correct his statement through fear of cancellation or being perceived as a racism apologist. At least we know that he loves cats…