🚨Italy could be entitled to a reply after crucial England try given, when it clearly shouldn’t have been!

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England took on the Italians in Rome on Saturday afternoon and one of the try’s that the English scored is causing a bit of controversy online. Should this try and stood?

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This is consistent with how the Italian team are refereed. Last year was similar. The Italian skipper needs to get in the face of the ref and insist on TMO reviews for tries with any doubt. This Italian team deserves better.

Terrible decision. IMHO Mitchell was held and both knees on the deck. Italy were harshly treated here.
The issue is the fine line between tackle complete and tackler release. Defender holds on, penalty against, if they let go then you get this. Both knees on the floor should be tackle complete, must release and regather the ball
It happens a lot I find in Super Rugby. Refs don’t call ‘held’ as quickly and you see more being allowed up to run again. A Celtic ref instead of a Kiwi and I’d bet that gets called back as no try.
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