Gerry Adams slammed for IRA/England joke – some people are raging

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The former leader of Sinn Fein Gerry Adams made a tweet last night that is really catching on, it’s a screenshot of the World Cup fixtures where England are set to take on Iran in their opening World Cup game. Short for Iran is ‘IRA’ on the RTE website. Some people have found this funny and others not so much.. See it below;

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It should make for a cracking World Cup between all the teams, will Messi finally get his hands on the famous trophy? Hopefully for all the neutrals this happens and especially after the recent Ronaldo interview… Will Messi and Argentina win it? Be fitting to see the greatest ever to win the greatest trophy.

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  1. More concerned about the rape victims in quatar getting whipped for extra marital sex.
    Builders on slave wages killed by dangerous conditions. Humans being beheaded and players/ teams taking blood money and dealing with barbaric regimes the right to protest or strike being eroded in the UK and people complaining about this tweet call me woke.

    1. if lgbt rights are so important why didn’t England team were the rainbow band in Russia were the have law against homosexuality and bad human rights record second why hasn’t any of the companies that operate in Qatar talked about worker rights is because of profit third you forget America which is largest democracy also have death penalty why you not calling them barbaric I know that European Union voted Ireland the most racist place I see why

    2. Slight correction while Qatar does have the death penalty they do not behead anyone, its by firing sqaud and there has only been one excecution on the last 20 years.

  2. The arsonists complaining there’s a fire somewhere, would be an analogy, for the racists from Britain, who colonised with Ian Henderson the Gulf including Qatar, leaving awful legacy in 1972 etc… Iraq sanctions “Genocide of the children…” destruction all WAR CRIMES Afghanistan Lybya and Syria all noted in the area, as is Palestine and the mess of the whole Middle East and bombing and famine in Yemen really before leaving the immediate area… Shall we go to Africa, Latin America, the Far East, The Indian subcontinent, Eastern Europe for Wars and interference etc… We forgot to go onto environmental destruction… Or Iran etc… Is this football? There’s more of the globe with more details and issues, as next time the World Cup is in our partner in crimes the USA… We created Al Qeaida and ISIS from our abusing infants to death hypocritical is very kind
    They’re disgusting! And possibly not thinking! And in my head can die! As want nuclear and environmental annihilation with us all to die! They have no values! Or any responsibility! They’re pathetic hypocritical criminal racists! And this is being exceptionally kind! We all live in a very small global village

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