SNAPPED: England international caught weeing up the wall of posh hotel

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England international defender Kyle Walker has been pictured appearing to take a leak up the wall of a posh hotel, reports The Sun.

Three Lions boss Gareth Southgate has been keen to ensure that his players conduct themselves in an orderly manner both on and off the field during his tenure, which is why he won’t be best impressed with Walker being caught with his pants down.

As is reported by The Sun, less than 24 hours after Manchester City’s defeat to Liverpool in the FA Cup semi-final, Walker was spotted outside a posh hotel taking a wee against the wall.

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He was snapped by a stunned passerby and as is mentioned in the report, he can be identified by the distinctive tattoos on his leg. All signs point towards it being the City star, unfortunately.

One onlooker — a fan of rivals Man United — spotted Walker’s leg tattoos when the ace took a leak
Photo via The Sun

It remains unclear at this point exactly what Walker was doing, how he managed to get caught out to the point where he couldn’t find a toilet and had no choice but to have a wee in public against the wall.

Whatever the justification, you imagine that both Pep Guardiola and Gareth Southgate will be having words with him. Public urination is an offence – and it’s also pretty chuffing grim…

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