Enda Kenny Shares his Thoughts on the Dublin Footballers & Dessie Farrell

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The former Taoiseach was on The Late Late Show last night and gave his thoughts on Dessie Farrell and the Dublin football team and their secret training sessions.

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“I thought it was an April Fool’s Joke with it coming out on April Fool’s Day … there wasn’t an excuse for this. These are superlative players of one of the greatest teams ever. Five, six, seven or eight All-Irelands or whatever and young people should be able to look up to (them).”

“Somebody made that decision. Someone said turn up on the pitch at 7am, we’re going to go training. That’s 12 hours after the GAA issued their ultimatum. So, you’d want to be really tough about this.”

“I know Dessie, we did great work together when he was in the GPA – but you have to set standards here. Giving a suspension for eight or ten weeks when there’s no match is not really of any great impact.”

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