🚨Emma Hayes labelled a disgrace at what she did at full-time .. 😬

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The Chelsea manager Emma Hayes is coming under serious fire for her shove and push on Arsenal manager Jonas Eidevall as they went to shake hands at the end of the match. 

See in the incident and some of the comments underneath ..

She’s leaving your club for more money and she’s just been publicly bashing your players relationships lmao have some shame

Shes a disgrace just like Lauren James. What a message to send to the youngsters watching the game. Pathetic fans will defend them both though.

If that’s the other way some people would be asking for charges and police involvement

Sometimes it takes a defeat for people to show their true character. I’m no Arsenal fan but their manager has always struck me as a gentleman. She comes across as a nasty, egocentric, self opinionated woman. Clearly upset her own players recently too with her insensitive comments

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  1. I think it’s disgusting
    A man done that to a women it would b a different thing
    She should b made accountable for her disgusting behaviour 😡😡

  2. This is why fans act the way they do when the manager’s don’t behave. Very poor show on her part. And very true if a guy done that to her there would be an outcry of abuse. In my opinion that should work both ways. Disgusting hope she gets some form of punishment for this.

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