EFL issue new vaccine segregation guidance as Omicron fears intensify in English football

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The EFL have reportedly issued new guidance which recommends clubs segregate the vaccinated and unvaccinated on team buses.

COVID fears are on the rise again following the emergence of the Omicron variant, which has already seen the UK turn to ‘Plan B’ and reintroduce some measures that were previously deemed ‘irreversible’.

While it’s hardly top of the world’s list of priorities right now, fans will be desperate for football to continue to be played without the coronavirus pandemic having any more of an adverse effect on the game.

Realistically, that will result in the introduction of football-specific COVID measures, with the EFL already having taken the initiative and issued guidance to clubs, according to the Telegraph.

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There is some suggestion that clubs are being urged to segregate those who have been vaccinated and haven’t, as well as those who have had COVID-19 and those who are yet to contract the virus.

Goalkeepers are also being urged to train individually, rather than as a union, with staggered meal times or socially distant seating plans also suggested as a way to reduce the possibility of transmission.

The details are a pretty grim reminder that this pandemic is far from over and this is likely just one of endless relapses there’ll be before the football world can put this saga behind it once and for all.