🚨 Eddie Hearn has ‘heard rumblings’ about Tyson Fury’s future

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Eddie Hearn says he wouldn’t be surprised if Tyson Fury calls it a day following his hard-fought win over Francis Ngannou.

Fury struggled against the MMA fighter in a subpar performance but escaped with a narrow victory.

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And Matchroom Promoter, Hearn has revealed he’s ‘heard rumblings’ that Fury may hang up the gloves.

Speaking to IFLTV he said:

“We know he’s fragile, but now we know he’s fragile in the ring. Listen, I wouldn’t be surprised if he retired honestly. I heard Spence Oliver say it, I’ve heard rumblings of it, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

‘The Gypsy King’ was set to face Oleksandr Usyk on December 23rd but now that appears to have been pushed back into 2024.

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  1. seen the best of fury no way will he retire he has oneore massive buy day ahead of him.. and he will take that! be good when he does go! don’t have to listen anymore at his deluded father!!!

    1. The circus prior the fury fight last week is exactly what fury wanted ! It’s made him a lot of money , and I see comments on various forums and read newspapers saying fury lost the fight ! Even with the knockdown he won the fight ! Stats prove that ! I respect Tyson fury so much cos all the negativity from press and people is exactly what Tyson wants ! Because he wants them all thinking and usyk thinking he can beat the big man !!! Just like wilder thought ! Mark my words Tyson fury will box his nut off then carry on making money after he does !

      1. I like many watched fury flounder after the knock down ! He may have won by fight states , butterfly taps was never going beat Ngannou but laying on him like a beached whale saved his arse . He was also knocked down later in the fight but literally hung onto Ngannou to stay of the canvas had the second knock down been called along with illegal elbow he should have come second not first ! The most important thing is not what all who have witnessed think but what his demena and face showed ! Fury knows who won 👌he has to live with the outcome .

      2. Depends what you mean by “won the fight”. To everyone watching, he lost the fight, his pride and his reputation. But I suppose he managed to land a handful of soft jabs more….
        Certainly not who I think won.

  2. Tyson fury is a fraud washed up has been who talks a good scrap but arse nips at the menshion of uskic just like he ducked aj. Whos the dosser now tyson fumbles

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