Eddie Hall provides his excuse for losing to Hafthor Bjornsson in boxing match

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Eddie Hall has revealed that he was fighting with one arm when he took on Hafthor Bjornsson earlier this month.

Thor triumphed in a much-anticipated bout between two of the former strongest men on the planet, having had Eddie Hall down on the canvas on multiple occasions throughout the contest.

Hall fell miserably short of expectations and looked like the far inferior boxer out of the pair. There didn’t look to be any legitimate excuse he could provide for the gulf in quality, but he’s tried his best.

Quoted by the Daily Star, Hall was claimed that the bicep tear that he suffered last year was still bothering him on fight night, leaving him unable to use his left hand whatsoever.

“The commentator at some points said is there something wrong with my left arm or hand.”

Eddie Hall (right) was convincingly beaten by long-term foe Hafthor Bjornsson (left)

“I guess I can only be honest and say yes there was. I detached my bicep seven months ago and I’ve just been unable to use my left arm. I’m not making excuses, I’m just saying it as it is.”

There may well be an element of truth to that, but if Hall really did walk into the fight knowing that he was essentially one-handed, that was his own decision, so he only really has himself to blame.

It is, in truth, a very quick turnaround from suffering such a nasty injury to jumping into a boxing match, but very rarely do you see anyone fight without some sort of issue they sustained during camp…

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