WATCH: Eddie Hall train ahead of Hafthor Bjornsson heavyweight clash

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A video of Eddie Hall training for his upcoming fight with Hafthor Bjornsson has been released – and he’s looking good.

Hardcore boxing fans who are not particularly impressed with this recent craze of exhibition boxing matches are unlikely to be tuning in when Hall and Bjornsson take to the ring on March 19th, but the followers of both men absolutely will.

Both of the heavyweights earned much acclaim during their respective strongman careers. They’re now attempting to use their immense strength as a shortcut to the forefront of the boxing world.

While boxing is not the kind of sport you can pick up one day and bridge the gap between yourself and the very best, both men appear to be doing everything in their power to ensure they’re up to standard when they climb through the ropes in March.

Eddie Hall, who has some prior boxing experience, has released a video from his training camp ahead of the much-anticipated clash, and while ANYONE can look good on the pads, he appears to have nailed down at least some of the technique…

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